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Sloan Frost v Motorcycling New Zealand


Amended race results and unfair appeals process – motorcycle competitor (F) appealed against decisions by MNZ Judiciary Committee amended results of two races during the 2016/17 NZ Superbike Championship – F therefore lost his NZ Superbike title for 2016/17 – amended results were themselves subject to successful appeal to MNZ Judiciary Committee by Tony and Mitchell Rees – F appealed he had been denied natural justice – deprived of a fair hearing – Tribunal upheld natural justice appeal in part – Judiciary Committee decision invalid and set aside – F also argued original Stewards decisions correct – Tribunal found corrected results declared by steward incorrect – F should not have received any points for that race – Tribunal found points awarded in Round 4 incorrectly calculated – Tribunal deferred to MNZ to determine Championship taking into account amended results – Tribunal determined stewards in correcting the results acted in good faith though incorrectly.

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