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Laurel Hubbard v Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand


Appeal against decision of NSO – H appealed against decision of the Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand (OWNZ) Executive Group to not allow New Zealand weightlifting athletes to compete at the Pacific Cup International (PCI) competition held in August in New Caledonia – H challenged whether any NSO could lawfully ban its athletes from competing at an international event to which they had been invited – H alleged harm occurred from not allowing New Zealand athletes to participate – OWNZ implemented nomination criteria that specified what events New Zealand athletes could attend – PCI was originally scheduled outside the scope of nomination criteria but was later moved forward – late notice of PCI event meant OWNZ decided it was not fair to allow some New Zealand athletes to attend while others might not be able to attend – athletes that could attend would have advantage over athletes that could not – decision by OWNZ was reasonably available – appeal dismissed

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