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Where a dispute is not an anti-doping proceeding or an appeal proceeding, the dispute may still be able to be referred to the Sports Tribunal.

However, before the Tribunal can hear such a dispute:

  • All parties to the dispute have to agree in writing to refer the dispute to the Tribunal.
  • The dispute has to be “sports-related” (if there is an issue over whether a dispute is “sports-related”, the Tribunal will decide).
  • The Tribunal must agree to hear the dispute.

Steps in sports-related disputes proceedings

  1. The parties to the dispute file with the Tribunal:
    • an Application for Resolution of Sports Related Disputes (Form 9)
    • a signed agreement to refer the dispute to the Tribunal (this can be attached to the Form 9 application or incorporated into the Form 9 application document) and
    • filing fees (each party pays $250).
  2. The Tribunal has discretion over whether it will hear such disputes and may require further information. The Tribunal decides whether it will hear the dispute.
  3. The Registrar advises that proceedings have been commenced.
  4. The Tribunal holds a pre-hearing conference to discuss what needs to be done to resolve the dispute and what steps need to be taken up to the hearing (if a hearing is required).
  5. The Tribunal decides the dispute either with or without a hearing but in accordance with the principles of natural justice.
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