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Legal Assistance Panel

The Sports Tribunal established a “Legal Assistance Panel” which allows parties to access qualified and affordable legal representation.

The Tribunal sought skilled and experienced sports lawyers who agree to represent athletes and sports organisations involved in cases before the Tribunal on a reduced or sometimes free basis.

The Tribunal has a list of contact details for these lawyers which can be downloaded here. The lawyers have advised their position regarding fees, but it remains a matter between parties to make contact and negotiate fee arrangements. If you require legal assistance for an anti-doping case please refer below to Drug Free Sport NZ (DFSNZ) Legal Support Fund.

If you are a lawyer with suitable experience and would like to be part of the Legal Assistance Panel, please apply to the Registrar here.

Lawyers with the following skills and experience will be considered:

  • At least 5 years post qualification experience
  • A background in sports law
  • Litigation experience (preferred)
  • A current New Zealand Practising Certificate.
  • These attributes may be modified in the case of an applicant where good cause is shown.

Hearings are conducted remotely, usually by video or telephone conference.

The DFSNZ Legal Support Fund

A fund has been established by DFSNZ to assist those facing anti-doping allegations to access legal advice. The legal support fund provides up to NZD $2,000 towards legal fees and to qualify you must use a lawyer from the Tribunal’s Legal Assistance Panel. For further information about the fund or the process visit DFSNZ here.  

Mentor scheme

The Tribunal is committed to attracting a diversity and range of Legal Assistance Panel members, and to assist those who wish to develop sports law skills.

It has established a pathway for interested lawyers, with some litigation experience, who need experience in sports law before becoming a member of the Legal Assistance Panel.

Under this pathway, you will receive mentoring from an existing member of the Legal Assistance Panel, to work alongside them over the course of a case before the Tribunal.

Experienced sports lawyers have indicated their support for this scheme, given their obligations to support more junior practitioners, and because there is often a need for work by a junior in briefing and supporting more senior counsel.

The names of those approved under the Mentor Scheme will be placed on the website for reference by counsel who wish to mentor and involve someone on a case.

If you would like to be considered under this pathway, please apply to the Registrar here .

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