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Mangere United Football Club v New Zealand Football


Appeal against decisions of NSO – M appealed against two decisions of New Zealand Football Appeals Committee affirming forfeiture of Chatham Cup tie match and fine and forfeiture of seven matches and fines in the Northern Regional Football League – M fielded player who had not been properly registered and transferred under NZF Regulations and therefore ineligible – grounds of appeal – 5 day limitation period – competition rules ambiguous or not sufficiently clear to impose mandatory penalty – principle of proportionality should be applied – innocent error in not properly registering and transferring player – five day limitation period applies to third party complaints rather than to potential breaches discovered through internal processes of NZF – NZF Rules not ambiguous as to importance of eligibility and application of sanction of mandatory forfeiture for fielding ineligible player – Tribunal not bound by CAS decisions to adopt principle of proportionality to void specified sanctions – appeals dismissed

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