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Drug Free Sport New Zealand v Travell Ngatoko


Anti-doping – banned player Travell Ngatoko (TN) played for Coastal Cobras’ Taranaki based rugby league team – 18 March 2017 – original suspension 6 months for anti-doping rule violation – expiry 3 May 2017 – TN admitted violation of playing while still ineligible, but said he had never been advised what he could and could not do while banned – TN asked to be heard as to sanction – period of further ineligibility 6 months – equal to original sanction under SADR 10.12.3 – Tribunal said athletes have personal responsibilities to make themselves aware of their obligations in relation to the anti-drug regime – TN should have taken steps and requested information to ensure he understood the effect of the ban – Tribunal considered nature of rugby league season and concluded it would be disproportionate and unfair if because timing of proceedings, TN missed opportunity to obtain representative selection – Tribunal reduced to 4 months – timely admission and co-operation – further 3 months credited for period already served for provisional suspension – TN ineligible to participate in any sport until 31 March 2018

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