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Drug Free Sport New Zealand v Siliga Kepaoa


Anti-doping – Auckland based club rugby league player (SK) tested positive for prohibited substance higenamine in two samples taken from him – once after training session in September 2017 and once after National Premiership final – provisionally suspended without opposition – admitted violation of Sports Anti-Doping Rules (SADR) 2017 rule 2.1 and asked to be heard as to sanction – positive test as result of using fat burning supplement Oxyshred – unintentional use of a specified substance – standard period of ineligibility two years – prior to hearing joint memorandum filed by DFSNZ and counsel for SK agreeing lack of intention and no significant fault by a relatively low margin – degree of fault at high end reflected in relatively limited deduction of mandatory suspension – suggested sanction 18 months backdated to 19 September 2017– date of first violation – Tribunal accepted the proposed sanction – also commended counsel for speedy resolution without hearing in cases where facts and issues arising were agreed.

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