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Drug Free Sport New Zealand v Scott Parsons


Anti-doping – powerlifter tested positive for cannabis – admitted violation – stated due to smoking a cigarette he was offered while celebrating at his birthday party – he was later informed by the person who gave it to him that it was laced with cannabis oil/hash – evidence was backed up by a witness – no intent to enhance his sports performance – there were both aggravating and mitigating circumstances – athlete not exercising appropriate control and care when offered the cigarette and was also an experienced power lifter who has represented New Zealand and is well aware of the anti-doping regime – on the other hand he did not know that the cigarette had been laced with cannabis oil/hash as a result of an action of a third person – Tribunal thought that the aggravating and mitigating factors balanced themselves out and decided that in the circumstances Tribunal’s usual starting point of four months suspension for cannabis violations was the appropriate penalty.

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