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Appeal against non-nomination for Olympic selection dismissed

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An appeal brought by a non-nominated kayaker against CRNZ was dismissed by the Sports Tribunal on 29 April 2024 because the Tribunal accepted it did not have jurisdiction to hear the appeal. The Tribunal did not have the power to grant the relief sought by the athlete and Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) case law in relation to the jurisdiction of the Sports Tribunal of NZ has previously determined that in a case where an athlete is appealing not against their own non-nomination but against the nomination of others the Tribunal does not have jurisdiction. CRNZ argued that this appeal was not about the athlete’s non-nomination as he was ineligible to be nominated and it was instead an appeal against the nomination of other athletes as he sought to be inserted into the trialling team, to be considered for the K2 and C2 boats and for there to be a re-trial for the K4 all of which would impact on other athletes. The Tribunal accepted it did not have jurisdiction as submitted by CRNZ and dismissed the appeal.

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