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Darryl Fitzgerald v New Zealand Canoe Racing

Overview: Appeal against decision of NSO - non-selection - D appealed against a decision of Canoe Racing New Zealand (CRNZ) to not send a men’s…

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Samantha Michael v New Zealand Federation of Roller Sports

Overview: Appeal against non selection for NZ team by NSO – no skaters selected for junior women’s team to compete in world championships – NSO…

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Kane Radford v Swimming New Zealand Inc

Overview: Appeal against non-selection for world championships and non-nomination for Olympics - swimmer appealed not being selected for open water world championships event - needed…

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Daisy Thomas v Surfing New Zealand

Overview: Appeal against non-selection for NZ junior surfing team - whether selection criteria properly followed - whether appellant offered reasonable opportunity to satisfy selection criteria…

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Nicolo Riosa v Canoe Racing New Zealand

Overview: Appeal again non-selection for NZ team – appellant not selected for Men’s Open K1 Marathon team to compete at International Canoe Federation Marathon Championships…

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