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Appeal against non-nomination for Olympic selection dismissed

New Zealand tennis player Paige Hourigan appealed the decision of Tennis New Zealand (TNZ) not to nominate her for selection by the New Zealand Olympic Committee to partner number two in the world Erin Routliffe in the doubles event in Paris. Ms Routliffe earnt the right to play doubles at the Olympics because the top 10 players in the world automatically qualify. TNZ selected Lulu Sun, who repatriated to New Zealand in February, to partner Ms Routliffe. Ms Hourigan contended she should have been nominated. Ms Hourigan’s grounds of appeal were that TNZ did not properly follow the nomination criteria, that there was no reasonable basis for its decision, that she was not given a reasonable opportunity to meet the selection criteria and the decision was biased. The Tribunal found that TNZ had properly followed the criteria and was able to make the decision it did.

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